Domestic Freight Transportation Solutions by ImEx Cargo

ImEx Cargo offers comprehensive domestic freight transportation solutions tailored to your needs. From brokerage services to specialized haulage like LineHaul, Oversized, LTL, FTL, FlatBeds, Car Transportation, and construction hauls with BellyDump trucks, we ensure efficient and reliable logistics across the nation.

Partnership with D&L Transport

We have partnered with D&L Transport, marking a pivotal moment in enhancing customer experience and service excellence. This collaboration between ImEx Cargo and D&L Transport is rooted in a shared commitment to support, responsiveness, honesty, transparency, and respect. These values form the cornerstone of both companies, laying the groundwork for continuous innovation to elevate the journey and satisfaction of every customer.

D&L Transport’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction is underscored by its round-the-clock support, boasting one-minute response times. Their specialized carrier team ensures seamless onboarding, compliance, and service across an extensive network of over 50,000 carriers, ensuring ImEx Cargo’s customers have access to a diverse range of options.

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