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A one-of-a-kind Porsche, seafood, millions of dollars in artwork, large-scale technology equipment, natural disaster relief goods, pharmaceuticals, live animals, human remains, personal effects, and aircraft engines are just some of the items ImEx Cargo LLC has specialized in transporting internationally and domestically over the 20+ years.

With more than 30 years of knowledge and experience in logistics transportation and airline cargo sales, ImEx Cargo CEO and founder, Michelle DeFronzo, ensures goods arrive safely and on time.  Her experience in international shipping means that she knows cargo transportation, logistics and supply chain protocols intimately, in addition to how to treat clients—and “the key”, she says, “begins with listening closely to best understand client needs”.

Based in Peabody, ImEx Cargo is the top, independently- and woman-owned worldwide general airline sales and service agent for New England, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

In 2016, ImEx Cargo received the first of numerous woman-owned diverse supplier certifications and can help companies achieve supplier diversity goals.

ImEx Cargo became a federal government-certified contractor in 2016 and manages government contracts under the Supplier Diversity Program.


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A History in Airline Reservation Sales and Banking

Ms. DeFronzo began her career in the airline industry for Eastern Airlines, where she specialized in reservation sales and was consistently recognized as one of the top 25 sales agents. She next moved into banking at Bank of New England/Fleet Bank, where she worked in corporate securities, wills and estates, and later in commercial financing. Ms. DeFronzo worked with manufacturers, distributors, freight-forwarding and shipping container clients, and specialized in facilitating clients’ business needs, such as letters of credit, finances, and international shipments.

Before opening ImEx Cargo, Ms. DeFronzo worked for eight years for MBC Freight Consultants in Chelsea, Massachusetts, one the largest, individually owned freight forwarding business in New England. As a result, Ms. DeFronzo has experience in third party logistics with some of the largest manufacturers, distributors and shippers across New England including Malden Mills, 3COM, Versachem, Masoneilan Dresser, Crane Valve and more. She has learned all sides of the logistics supply chain, including international/domestic shipping via air and ocean, importing, exporting, local, regional and national domestic trucking, distribution, pick and pack, supply chain management, and warehousing.

Ms. DeFronzo founded ImEx Cargo in 2000 because of her commitment and passion for cargo logistics and transportation, in addition to her knack for organizing shipments for high volume, in-demand airline and shipping clients. Even when she’s on vacation, Ms. DeFronzo has been known to check in regularly with her business partners because of her commitment to cargo and logistics operations.

“I know and understand the many aspects of supply chain logistics and solutions and the sense of urgency our customers can have when production is down and millions of dollars a day are being lost due to a factory’s inability to operate. We take our job very seriously, and this takes a 24/7/365 commitment. As they say, ‘Cargo never sleeps,’” says Ms. DeFronzo.

“I’ve run traffic departments and traveled to set up distribution and warehouses overseas getting to better know and understand the capabilities and logistics infrastructure for our overseas customers. All of that has given me this huge knowledge base,” she continues.

With an in-house staff of five people, ImEx Cargo employees are reliable, versatile, flexible and multitalented workers. Together, the group communicates in six languages in addition to English, including Italian, German, French, Patois, Chinese and Spanish.

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Michelle DeFronzo

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