Real Supply Chain Intelligence

Container Tracking and Security with Real-Time Supply Chain Intelligence

Advanced technology solutions for container tracking and security.

  • Know the status, position and conditions of your container shipments in real-time
  • React on short notice changes and emergency shipments challenge your supply situation and bottom line
  • Reduce COGS and working capital
  • Keep your product secure by allowing access only to authorized people

Smart container tracking for maximum security, integrity, and transparency of your container shipments.

We provide smart and connected, IOT-enabled logistics network management and intelligence solutions to enhance the supply chain resilience of your business. Containers are remotely tracked, monitored, and managed to enable cost-effective regulatory compliance and enhanced supply chain visibility. In an uncertain supply chain world, you will know with certainty where your shipment is at every moment.

SecureSystem online container tracking solutions and provides actionable in-transit visibility of your cargo, in real-time and anywhere in the world. Redundantly connected via both cellular and Iridium satellite networks, we can continually monitor and collect actionable information and insights about your shipments, providing you with an end-to-end supply chain risk management solution.

Smart & Connected Container Tracking Technology

MOBILE DEVICE – All-in-one mobile device for any ISO container

SENSORS – Temperature, humidity, light, shock, movement + wired and wireless sensors

AUTHORIZED ACCESS – Secure, authenticated access

REDUNDANT COMMUNICATION – Always connected through 4G LT /3G / 2G & IRIDIUM satellite

IOT TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM – Cloud-based device integration and data-driven insights generation

DOCUMENTATION – Accurate and immutable documentation of all container activity

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