ImEx Cargo: Your Trusted Partner for Airline Charters

For over 25 years, ImEx Cargo has been a trusted partner in the airline industry, representing five of the world’s largest all-cargo airlines. This extensive experience and global network provide us with unparalleled access to a diverse fleet of aircraft, making us the ideal partner for all your chartering projects. Whether you need to transport time-sensitive cargo, oversized shipments, or specialized goods, ImEx Cargo has the expertise and resources to meet your needs efficiently and reliably.

ImEx Cargo works with our partners to provide partial/ full charter service for our scheduled and non-scheduled flights offering a fleet of aircraft including 727F, 737F, 767F and 747F options that can easily be routed/ rerouted to accommodate most logistics projects anywhere in the world including to help aid in relief goods efforts during natural emergencies and disasters.

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