Maximizing Airline Revenue with ImEx Cargo: Your Premier GSA/GSSA Cargo Partner
at Boston Logan Airport

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Unmatched GSA Services for Airlines Lacking Local Presence

In the competitive and fast-paced world of aviation logistics, maintaining continuous operations is vital for success. ImEx Cargo stands out as a strategic partner for airlines that are offline in specific markets, offering comprehensive General Sales and Service Agent (GSSA) services that focus on delivering Aircraft on Ground (AOG) and company material (COMAT) necessary to keep fleets moving without interruption.

Round-the-Clock Expertise in AOG and COMAT

The need for immediate response and expert handling of AOG situations is critical for airlines to avoid costly downtime. ImEx Cargo, with its dedicated 24/7/365 service, ensures that essential components reach their destinations swiftly and securely, thus helping airlines maintain operational continuity and maximize revenue.

Long-standing Local Expertise at Boston Logan Airport

With a commanding presence at Boston Logan Airport for over 23 years, ImEx Cargo brings a unique local advantage to the table. This long-standing market presence is something few other GSAs can claim, providing airlines with a reliable and experienced partner deeply familiar with the local logistics landscape.

Government Contracting: A Distinctive Edge

As a certified government contractor, ImEx Cargo not only adheres to the highest standards of operational excellence but also brings a level of credibility and trust that airlines seek in a GSA partner. This distinction allows ImEx Cargo to handle sensitive and critical logistics operations, further setting it apart in the industry.

Reach New Heights in Overseas Markets

By partnering with ImEx Cargo, airlines can effectively expand their reach in new and underserved markets. Our strategic location and established networks pave the way for seamless integration into global logistics chains, ensuring that airlines can enhance their market share and operational efficiency without the need for a physical presence.

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